News// Effy Giraffe RETURNS… Sort Of… With New Single

PUSSYALTLast week we received a pretty amazing new leaked song, titled Let It Shine. We thought the song was going to be the only Effy Giraffe track we’d receive in a long while. But that is no longer the case.

Today, Effy Giraffe released a new single. The single is titled ‘#PU$$Y’. Yes. As you can imagine it is definitely inappropriate. Effy Giraffe explained on her social media accounts:

The good thing about the music world today is, you don’t have to throw out [a bunch of] albums. You can just release a few singles every once an a while for no reason at all…. I might do that… who knows.

The song was a shock to all of us. She randomly uploaded it on her youtube and announced it would be available on digital stores in possibly a week.

We believe that Effy is planning a comeback album for 2016. With the leaked song Let It Shine and now a new release it seems more than likely. This new release proves Effy has been in the studio once again. We are predicting a new album for sure. But what genre would it be?

Let It Shine and #PU$$Y are two different genre’s. This new single seems like more of an ‘EFFY’ styled track. So what could this me for the album’s genre? We are going to assume it’ll be a mixture of different themes. Effy is obviously retrying her hip hop days.

We are also thinking #PU$$Y was released as a test to see how well the track does. We’re assuming if they track does goo we’ll get an album that sounds similar. If it doesn’t do well, she’ll probably test out another new style.

Anyway, that is all in the future. Take a listen to #PU$$Y now and tell us what you think.


New// Effy Giraffe Song ‘Let The Light Shine’ LEAKS


Effy Giraffe might be returning to music after all? A new song made its way onto the web Thursday afternoon. The song is titled ‘Let The Light Shine (ft. Effy Giraffe)’. The song is believed to be a collaboration demo. Effy has been looking to lend her vocals for other artists, so who knows!


The website where the song was posted states:

Unknown song. Possibly releasing in 2016 featuring Effy Giraffe

So a mastered version could possibly release next year? Who knows. Enjoy the leaked track below and tell us what you think.

News// Lil G Is BACK — She Reveals She’s No Longer Missing & She Found Herself + A Song Clip

FUEDThe constant Lil G vs. Effy war settled down for a bit when Effy Giraffe revealed to the press a few months ago that her daughter, Lil G, was missing. Effy waited a few months until filing the missing persons report because Effy thought Lil G was just “seeking attention”. Of course, that was not the case.

Since revealing Lil G was missing, Effy has made no attempt to actually find her. In fact a few days ago Effy was partying with family member. She didn’t seem to care all that much. Effy also removed Lil G as the head of Effy Productions. She actually fired her from the position.


Lil G just announced that she’s back. Interestingly enough she also attaches a song clip to her announcement. She tweets:

I’m not missing… i just found myself while I was away. Take a listen:″ 

The song clip is of Lil G. She seems to be joining the world of music without the help of her mother. Lil G exclusively tells us:

My mother hates these kind of blogs so I jumped at the opportunity to make a statement. While I was away I was working with top people in the music industry to make a significant debut. I have put more work into my debut so far than Effy has her whole music career. 

We asked Lil G about the song and she states:

It’s obviously very different when compared to my mothers work. My mother presented an over auto-tuned slutty image with basic EDM beats. I wanted to explore music as a whole and create art. My is previewed so far is only a glimpse into what I have in store. I want to also mention, I am not the kind of person to constantly call myself a slut or sing sexual and degrading songs. I am going to have a feeling of love and I’m going to explore who I actually am as a person with my music. It’ll be an art. Each song, lets say each stroke, will create a masterpiece. I’ll be taking song vocal classes, something my mother never considered doing, and really going to experiment with the sounds that I haven’t been able to hit just yet. It’s a working progress but I AM WORKING HARD, unlike my mother who took 6 years creating something finally worth listening too. 

We asked how it was working with her mother, and she told us:

It was… well… no pleasant. I’m not even sure why I agreed. On ‘Out Of This World’ I was excited to feature on two tracks. That’s why I was sunk into it. I wanted to get out there musically. At the time I couldn’t get signed to any companies. They all thought I sounded to similar to my mother and they thought the world didn’t need another Effy Giraffe, but in all honesty I am so much more than my mother. At the time Effy actually made sure other companies wouldn’t even consider me, she apparently had a memo sent out threatening them if they signed me. It was terrible. I pretty much gave up. Back in August, I thought I could release a song since Effy declared me the head of Effy Productions. Unfortunately, my contract clearly stated I couldn’t release any of my music (or future music) under the company. It was such a disappointment. My fault for not reading it. I wish i did, because if I did I wouldn’t have signed.

Why did you run away and not tell her?

Well I just had to get away. She didn’t seem to be worried. I was planning my future while she was partying with Uncle Gerald. 

Any Genre chosen for the new material?

It’ll have a kind of pop rock feel to it. But I’m not sure how the finally result will be. All I have to say is it’s going to be amazing. I have some awesome guests, background vocalists, and lyrics all planned out. I can’t wait.





What do you think of the clip everyone?



News// ‘Inhabitant’ Canceled — Effy Hits All Time Low

irelEffy Giraffe has not yet announced her upcoming album ‘Inhabitant’. Why? Well our insider just confirmed it’s not going to happen:

We were hoping ‘Inhabitant’  would’ve ended up being a major come back for Effy but sadly we’ve decided to move away from the project. Statistics have proven Effy Giraffe is no longer relevant. She released a new promo single ‘Eat The Corn’ months back that ended up being a disaster. If anything she’s just irrelevant… not inhabitant.

We decided to interview our insider, who was a former producer of the discontinued record. Here it is below:




What are your thoughts on the cancellation of Inhabitant?

I personally wasn’t surprised. In fact most of the producers already dropped out of Inhabitant prior to the cancellation. 

Why did they all drop out? Did you?

They dropped out because they weren’t going to get payed very well if it did release. We went through her fan base and a number of statistics that all showed releasing the album would be a mistake. In 2013 Effy slowly started to rise. In 2014 she dropped dramatically with ‘EFFY’. After her self titled release she released ‘Out of This World’, which is today known as her farewell album. The album did relatively well but didn’t feature the right amount of views to reconsider Inhabitant’s future. In early 2015 Effy hit an all time high with The Greatest: The Complete Hits Collection simply because it featured I Love Charles Manson.

Why didn’t ‘I Love Charles Manson’s’ Views Convince You To Stick With Inhabitant?

I Love Charles Manson might have been Effy’s top song but in all reality it was just a one hit wonder. Nothing more than that. For the past two months Effy Giraffe has statistically hit an all time low. Things would’ve been different if she maintained views throughout March, April and May but unfortunately each month only reveals a lower number.

Do you think it’s because all she has is old material? Maybe new songs will create more of a fanbase.

We thought that at first but sadly we can’t be sure. Eat The Corn is a great example of a newer song that failed completely. 

Have you completed any songs for Inhabitant?

Mainly just demos. We finished recently a song called ‘Easy’. It brings a new kind of sound but an old OOTW feel. We also have a few others but nothing that we can say would’ve made it to the album.

Why didn’t you just release a single to test out the views and then decide on the album’s future?

That was the original plan but Effy has never previously hit the amount of views we’re looking for. Unfortunately this is the decision we had to come up with.

Do you want to say anything to our readers?

It was not my choice alone to cancel ‘Inhabitant’. It was a group decision. If Effy held a stronger fan base then we’d probably have an album all set. Effy was pretty upset when we decided to trash the album completely. We referred her to a few other record company’s who were interested in meeting with her to discuss a possible new album but we made it clear we didn’t want to waste our time.

So could Effy come back through a different record company?

We gave her the opportunity. It looks like Effy is not interested in taking any meetings though. According to someone on our staff she is just going to continue with her retirement. She apparently doesn’t want to go through the hassle of finding new people to work with her on another record. 

What are you and everyone else in Effy Productions going to be focusing on?

Effy Giraffe has been officially signed out of the company. She has been having money problems for months and hasn’t invested any money into the company so the company was bought out. We’re keeping the name, as far as I know we are anyway, and we’ll be working with some new clients making music. We’re actually in the process of signing Jamiya (which is kind of funny because Effy Giraffe is the reason for us all knowing who she is). We’ll be working on Jamiya’s debut E.P. that will actually have a song featuring Mikeee! It gets even better. The Moment will also make an appearance on the song with Mikeee too. The song could possibly be titled ‘She’s So Over DRAMAtic’ — which can be called Drama for short. The song will be written by Jamiya and Mikeee with the help of Effy’s ex-manager and will be written ABOUT EFFY. That’s right. 

Do you know what Jamiya, Effy’s ex-manager and Mikee think about Effy?

They don’t speak to highly of her. They basically had to suck up to try and get on another song because Effy was the only connection they had. 

Jamiya – Jamiya has had a lot of problems with Effy. Effy treated Jamiya like shit according to her. Apparently there was a lot of verbal and physical abuse along with threats from Effy.

Mikeee – Mikeee’s remix feature was actually cut from Out Of This World. Mikeee was pissed about that. Surprisingly his version was included on The Greatest: The Complete Hits Collection, where Effy released a statement saying “Not A Nun would be nothing without Mikeee. It was a hit when he was added onto the song! It needed to be added!” He later told me that he actually fought for the song to be on the album. He threatened a lawsuit because she was going against his contract with her so she got pissed because she had to include him.

Effy’s Manager – Effy’s manager couldn’t handle Effy after seven years. After writing ‘I Love Charles Manson’ he was done with her completely. Apparently he dealt with a lot of sleepless nights because of her. Also Effy abused him a lot. He told me personally “It could’ve been a lifetime movie.”


Have you had a negative experience with her?

Oh many, but I don’t want to say. I would hate for her to find out who I am.

Have you witnessed any kind of drama between others and Effy?

We thought she was a changed person when she started working on ‘Inhabitant’ but she was far from changed. I think working on music pushes her over the top. She loses control. Even has been turning to drugs and liquor again. It’s crazy.


Well that was interesting. What do you think about this? No more Inhabitant. Sad or happy after reading the behind the scenes details?

News// ‘Inhabitant’ Could Be Considered EFFY 2.0 ?

EFFY3Our insider, one of the producers of ‘Inhabitant’, just revealed some interesting information. Aparently they album just might not be full of EDM/Dubstep greatness. Instead they revealed:

The album will be considered EFFY 2.0

We asked what this meant. They said:

Effy is hoping to do a few hip hop songs. But nothing like her EFFY failure. I advised her it was a mistake, considering the album was such a failure, but Effy told me:

We’ll do a few demos. If any tracks are jaw dropping hit potential then we should release them. If not we just scrap them entirely. Honestly, I understand EFFY was a flop but there were many reasons for that. I was trying to find a record label who would take me. I ended up signing onto Effy Productions, a label started by my producers. After recording about three songs the producers wanted to scrap the album entirely and drop me from the label, but because of my contract with them they had to put the album out. Since they were forced to release it they ended up releasing an album filled with only demos, demos that weren’t even properly mastered. The end result was horrible and I wish that they worked with me. Now that I bought out Effy Productions I finally got to do my own thing and released amazing content. With the right producers I think we can successfully release this album with a mixture of styles. A proper second go at EFFY and a proper return with styles that made me a chart topper. I’m not concerned. I’m returning for fun and I intend to do so. This record should be all me.”

Of  course I couldn’t say no. This is a team effort, and who knows. Maybe the demos will be amazing. I believe that ‘Inhabitant’ will end up being a mixture of Dubstep, EDM, A few ballads, and some Hip Hop sounding R&B songs. Effy does not plan to rap on any of her songs. She admitted to us that she didn’t care for her rapping on EFFY, so why go that route.

This news is a bit of a surprise to us. EFFY 2.0 could have potential but we just hope that it doesn’t focus on an R&B sound. We think that it would be logically to continue with the genre that made her famous. A lot of her listeners love Dubstep and hoped she’d release a Dubstep filled album. It’s early to say, so who knows.


The producers continued to say  right now is just demo time:

We’re planning on doing 30-40 demos alone. Hell maybe even more. We want to get a feel of what to focus on for the album. So of course we’re only in the planning stage of it all. So I wouldn’t worry. Only amazing songs will be green-lit for an actual release.

News// Lead Single to ‘Inhabitant’ is UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING


As you might already know, if you’ve been keeping up with our blog, Effy Giraffe has been working on her upcoming album ‘Inhabitant’. The album, which will most likely release in 2016 or early 2017, will be Effy’s first since her 2014 hit ‘Out Of This World’. One of the producers of the album explains:

We’re all so excited for the release. We’re taking our time with it. Effy’s contract strictly states she cannot talk about it yet, so don’t plan on her confirming Inhabitant anytime soon. You’re getting this information strictly from an inside source, me. I will share what I can!

We might have limited knowledge of what to actually expect from the album, but expect something major.

We’ve done a few songs so far. Once could possibly be the lead single to the upcoming release. We’re not really sure yet but it could be a promising single. It’s to soon to say.

Previously we’ve wondered if any special guests were planned so far for the upcoming album. It appears as if a new guest has been enlisted for the upcoming release. Our insider reveals:

Effy just finished working with someone. I can’t say who exactly quite yet but the final result is amazing. We aren’t sure yet if the song will be on Inhabitant, because this song is actually someone else’s Effy features on. Possibly we’ll have her record a solo version and include that on ‘Inhabitant’. We’re currently reaching out to a few other artists we think could potentially have talent. Effy is known for finding artist’s who haven’t made their big break yet, and doing that is still very much important to her. Effy definitely realizes how hard it is to make a name for yourself.

What else will be in store? What news could come? A big reveal is coming from our insider very soon! Keep your eyes open!

News// Inhabitant — New Album Details

As announced Saturday Effy will be releasing a new album titled ‘Inhabitant’. The album is said to be a sequel to her popular 2014 release Out of This World. Our insider continues to leak information exclusively for us. They told us today:


The album seems different than Out of This World. Many might complain about it not sounding like an authentic sequel. What we’re going for is a unique sound. We don’t want to recycle the same old material. We’re looking to wow you with this album.

Will Effy’s return be permanent? Will this be an official come back? Well our insider continued to explain:

As for Inhabitant being a come back album, it isn’t. Effy Giraffe wanted to release one more record for a specific reason. I can’t say why yet. This will be her last.

As for the records quality

We’re shooting for an album that sounds so different compared to everything she has release prior. We’ve been working on it for a long time and will be working on it for a long time. Who knows. It might be ready for late 2016 but most likely early 2017.

2017 is a LONG time. Effy usually releases her albums quicker than that. Obviously a lot of thought and time is going into this one. So will it be more of a hit than ‘Out of This World’ or ‘The Greatest: The Complete Hits Collection’. Will ‘I Love Charles Manson’ remain Effy’s top song to date?

We know for a fact this album will top any release Effy has ever done prior. It’s really a journey and we love that. Who knows. Every song might be more popular than ILCM.

We also decided to ask if any guests were yet lined up. Their response?

We have some background vocalists so far. Lil G is not returning to do background vocals this time around. In fact no one knows where Lil G is. Effy Productions almost collapsed financially and we’re assuming that is the reason why she fled. With the recent earnings of other artists we’ve signed finances are no longer and issue. So Lil G, if you are in hiding, please return. We all know you’re wanted to return for background vocals. We also reached out to a talent scout who’ll be searching for some guest vocalists interested in featuring in a song or two (non-profit/volunteers). We tried getting a hold of Jamiya but she was no longer interested in working with Effy, unfortunately, but we’ll find some new talent!

As for the return of C0tey C0llins?

A One Night Stand 2.0 was written just for him and Effy. The song was going to be titled ‘Hook Up’. The lyrics are amazing but sadly the song may never properly release. C0tey C0llins has been busy with some personal things. We reached out to him but sadly we were rejected. Effy hoped to reunite with him for a newer song after so long. Hopefully one day, before the album officials drops, he’ll agree but we highly doubt that’ll happen.

No C0tey, No Jamiya, what about Mikeee?

Effy has no interest in having Mikeee return. Apparently they had some kind of fight.

And finally we had to ask, any song covers?

None Planned!! but you know Effy. She LOVES covering her favorites.