‘In The Life of Effy Giraffe’ Exclusive: Effy DID HAVE WORK DONE

IMG_2435.JPGHello everybody! We are back sharing an exclusive story with you all! Effy Giraffe’s (self proclaimed) popular series will apparently be making its debut this year. So far not much is known about the show, but slowly teasers and promos have been coming in.

A month ago, Effy released the above picture teasing a possible cosmetic surgery she might have had. The ‘did she or didn’t she have surgery’ tease is an interesting gimmick to get you watching– but you don’t actually have to watch, because we HAVE THE ANSWER.

Thursday night, Effy released the following picture on her Instagram page:IMG_2523.JPG

The photo is of Effy being interviewed for the show, but where is she? She is in a large green hat, which is covering her face and body entirely.

Why could she be doing this? Well. It turns out Effy DID in fact have surgery. Her reasons for doing so are unknown, and any pictures of her transition are not yet available (except for the above teaser shots).


What do  you think?


What Do You Think??

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