‘F*** Me Mr. President’ Almost Got Re-Released This Month

Effy’s iconic 2012 single F*** Me Mr. President almost made an unexpected return this year!

In 2015 the song was remastered for her greatest hits album, so many are wondering why would we need it to be reissued again?

Well, Effy Giraffe has been a big supporter of president-elect Donald Trump since he first announced his run. She was very nervous on election night. Effy tells us, 

I was on the edge of my seat, just waiting to see if Trump won. I was hopeful! Trump and I had a brief sexual relationship back in the day. He’s a great man!

F*** Me Mr. President can now officially be dedicated to Trump. She tells us

F*** Me Mr. President was a song written about Bill Clinton, dedicated to Barrack Obama, and now officially dedicated to Donald Trump!

About reissuing the iconic track, Effy states:

I almost re-released the song. It would have only made its debut if Hillary won the election. 

I re-recorded the track, titling it Fuck Me Madam President, and was set to release it if Hillary won. The song won’t see the light of day but it was a great cut!

What so you think about that?!


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