In The Life of Effy Giraffe IS NOT Effy’s TV Show…

Everybody is discussing Effy Giraffe’s upcoming reality series In The Life of Effy Giraffe. The show will make it’s official debut next year! Many have wondered, will we get more than one season? Effy answered her faces on social media, stating she wasn’t sure. She’s open to it, but it seems to be a one shot kind of deal. 

So, why the uncertainty about continuing the show? Well it’s simple. It’s not really her show. We spoke with a producer of the series who told us exclusively:

Many seem to think In The Life of Effy Giraffe is Effy’s show, when really it isn’t. Effy Giraffe is the star of OUR In ‘The Life of’ reality series. Each series will focus on a different persons life. 

Naturally, we had a few questions so here they are in this exclusive behind the scenes interview with the producer:

Why and how did you choose Effy as your focus for the first season?

The show actually isn’t split into seasons. Each will be split as a series. We had our eye on Effy. She’s a retired musician, and honestly her popularity was really non existent. We chose her in hopes to perhaps get her name out there. 

Why not focus on someone with a greater popularity level?

Well we have a person in mind for our next series who is more well known! But Effy’s co-star actually has a pretty large following  so I think that helped us settle into creating the show with Effy had the lead. 

How many episodes will each series have?

Episodes will vary. The first series will have 18 episodes. Anything thereafter won’t be decided until production. 

Would you ever bring back the show for a In The Life of Effy Giraffe II?

If the show does well we told Effy it would be a possibility but not until after a few different series’. Perhaps a revival in 2020 we’re thinking. Who knows! We’ve even penned a few titles that could work:

In The Life of Effy Giraffe: The Bitch Giraffe is Back

In The Life of Effy Giraffe: III Years Later

Still…In The Life of Effy Giraffe

In The Life of Effy Giraffe… Again

Seems like there has been a lot of thought into this?

Yes and no. We had it planned for a 2020 return but not it’s just all up in the air right now

Who else would return?

Can’t quite reveal that. Some fresh faces, some old flames, new flames. A lot can happen in three years. Honestly anybody who is in Effy’s life in that point of time will be featured on the show. 

Well there you have it! Effy’s show will only get one season (series) and a possibly 2020 revival season. 


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