News// Effy Giraffe Releasing A New Song This Month Limited To A FEW Countries



Effy Giraffe will officially be releasing a new song! That’s right! We just received some interesting information. A brand new song was registered under Effy’s name. The track, expected to drop no later than next week, is titled Toy Soldier.

Unfortunately, the song won’t be released worldwide. We aren’t sure exactly what areas will be lucky enough to be able to buy/stream the track BUT we do know those in The United States and The United Kingdom will NOT be receiving this brand new track.

Rumor has it Effy is trying to branch away from the united states and only release music to areas that stream her music the most. But we have the exclusive reason why you might not get a chance to hear the new track:


Toy Soldier could very well be a song cover, without having rights to distribute the song some countries are most likely being excluded.


Either way, it’s coming! Could this be a lead single to an upcoming album!? Who knows!


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