News// Effy Is Readying New Album ‘Effy Giraffe & Friends’ + Exclusive Details

effygiraffeandfriendsEffy Giraffe might have retired, but that isn’t stopping her from creating a new artist name. This time, she wants to start a new legacy.

Effy has been known to previously kick start a lot of musical careers– for instance she kick started Jamiya’s by featuring her in a variety of songs (including hit single Hear Me and a number of tracks from EFFY). Effy apparently loves working with other artists and helping them become known. Effy previously took to her website to say:

“I love helping boosting other artist’s careers. I remember starting out I had nobody. So having Jamiya on ‘Hear Me’ and The Moment on ‘Desire’ really helped them and their talent even helped me out.”

We decided to talk to Effy about something she’s planning titled ‘Effy Giraffe & Friends’.

FanSite: It’s so great you’ve decided to chat with us today. We know you haven’t been a huge fan of our blog previously, so it means a lot it us.

Effy Giraffe: Well you know it’s always fun doing interviews and since you guys get a lot of views I figured why not bring some truth to your blog by doing an interview.

FS: So tell us about Effy Giraffe & Friends. Is it an album? A new band name? what is it?

EG: It’s a bit of both. It’s a new artist name and a new full length album. ‘Effy Giraffe’ is all done. This is something completely separate and should not be compared to my original stuff. I am starting a new era with some great friends.

FS: Will Jamiya be on the album?

EG: Honestly, I thought about it. But I want to move in a different direction. I want to introduce brand new faces. My relationship with Jamiya no longer exists. Unfortunately, there was a terrible miscommunication the last time be collaborated so we know longer talk. Even if we did talk, I want to introduce new faces. NOBODY I’ve worked with before.

FS: What will be on the album? What kind of songs?

EG: No original songs. Everything will be covers! Every cover will feature myself on vocals along with a guest. I love doing song covers and I feel like it’ll be awesome!

FS: Do you know when the first single will release?

EG: I have no idea yet!! In time we’ll see.

FS: How many singles will the album have?

EG: I’m thinking at least three? And then a fourth after the album releases? Who knows yet!

FS: When do you predict the album will be available for sale?

EG: The album actually won’t be for sale. Since I am covering A LOT of songs I sadly won’t have the rights to distribute them for purchase. INSTEAD the album will be available for FREE and will be streamable on Youtube. Making albums available for free is how I started out back in 2009 all the way through 2011. Late 2011 was actually the first time I ever distributed music for sale as an artist. So I’m technically following my original style of releasing.

FS: Will you guys be covering any Effy Giraffe originals?

EG: Anything IS possible this early in the project, but I have to say I don’t think so. I want to move away from Effy Giraffe entirely.

FS: How many albums do you think you’ll be doing?

EG: That’s a tough question. Let us put out the first one and we’ll see about doing another.

FS: Well that will be all for now. Thanks for chatting with us!

EG: Anyime!


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