Opinion// ‘The Greatest’ Shouldn’t Be Considered A “Complete Hits Collection”

NOTCOMEffy Giraffe’s highly anticipated greatest hits album released way back in February. What did we think of it? In our opinion, the album shouldn’t have been considered a complete hits collection. The album hardly featured major hits that made Effy so popular. Here is the songs that we think were missing:

1. Down The Seashore

Summer Time was the only summer song that was included on the album, but a huge major summer hit was missing. Song Down The Seashore was unfortunately excluded from the album. The song was released as a single from her 2012 album ‘Explicit’. The song was one of the albums most popular tracks. Why it was excluded? Who knows!

2. I Am Naughty

The most obvious Effy hit was popular single I Am Naughty. In fact the song was re-released on about 3 or 4 other Effy albums. The single was first introduced in 2011. It was released as a stand-alone track (meaning a single that wasn’t for an album). Later the single was re-released as the second single for her 2012 album Explicit. The song skyrocketed and was an instant hit. The song was also thrown on another one of Effy’s 2012 albums, titled Candy Girl. We never understood why it didn’t make it to The Greatest.

3. My Hearts On Fire

My Hearts On Fire was the first single to Effy’s 2012 album Explicit. The single was widely successful, and like I Am Naughty the song was also thrown onto Candy Girl. We heard Effy re-recorded it but it never made it onto The Greatest. Apparently it was cut. What a mistake!


In 2009 Effy released her debut EP I Wanna Die. The EP was unsuccessful. On Youtube she through out a song that was taken out from the final EP. The song was titled LOVE. The song was very popular on Youtube and it was eventually remixed for her 2010 EP ‘Bad Girl’. Years later, in 2012 to be more specific, the song was re-recorded and was released as Effy’s third single to her album Explicit. The song was, again, widely popular. It should have been added on The Greatest!

5. Out Of This World (ft. Lil G)

The title track to Effy’s 2014 album Out Of This World most certainly should’ve been considered a hit. Most likely the song was cut because Effy was still feuding with Lil G at the time,  but it should’ve still been included.

6. Slave

Slave was suppose to be included on Effy’s 2009 EP I Wanna Die. It even released as the first single, but the single was eventually cut and never made an appearance on the EP disaster. I believe it should’ve been re-recorded for ‘The Greatest’. The single was actually a hit, so it’s surprising it was never included.

7. I Slept With A Priest

Candy Girl featured a number of controversial songs, I Slept With A Priest being the most. The song should’ve been re-recorded and included. It could have been a hit remake!


The album also featured tracks that weren’t hits at all. Here is our list of songs that shouldn’t have been included on the album:

1. In The Club

The single originally released as a single from Effy’s 2013 album Prima Donna. The song might have been good at the time, but the remake was absolutely horrible and should’ve been cut.

2. Every Single Bonus Track That Was Never Previously Released

There should have been no new songs on the album. It should’ve been all hits.


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