News// Effy Giraffe RETURNS… Sort Of… With New Single

PUSSYALTLast week we received a pretty amazing new leaked song, titled Let It Shine. We thought the song was going to be the only Effy Giraffe track we’d receive in a long while. But that is no longer the case.

Today, Effy Giraffe released a new single. The single is titled ‘#PU$$Y’. Yes. As you can imagine it is definitely inappropriate. Effy Giraffe explained on her social media accounts:

The good thing about the music world today is, you don’t have to throw out [a bunch of] albums. You can just release a few singles every once an a while for no reason at all…. I might do that… who knows.

The song was a shock to all of us. She randomly uploaded it on her youtube and announced it would be available on digital stores in possibly a week.

We believe that Effy is planning a comeback album for 2016. With the leaked song Let It Shine and now a new release it seems more than likely. This new release proves Effy has been in the studio once again. We are predicting a new album for sure. But what genre would it be?

Let It Shine and #PU$$Y are two different genre’s. This new single seems like more of an ‘EFFY’ styled track. So what could this me for the album’s genre? We are going to assume it’ll be a mixture of different themes. Effy is obviously retrying her hip hop days.

We are also thinking #PU$$Y was released as a test to see how well the track does. We’re assuming if they track does goo we’ll get an album that sounds similar. If it doesn’t do well, she’ll probably test out another new style.

Anyway, that is all in the future. Take a listen to #PU$$Y now and tell us what you think.


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