News// Lil G Is BACK — She Reveals She’s No Longer Missing & She Found Herself + A Song Clip

FUEDThe constant Lil G vs. Effy war settled down for a bit when Effy Giraffe revealed to the press a few months ago that her daughter, Lil G, was missing. Effy waited a few months until filing the missing persons report because Effy thought Lil G was just “seeking attention”. Of course, that was not the case.

Since revealing Lil G was missing, Effy has made no attempt to actually find her. In fact a few days ago Effy was partying with family member. She didn’t seem to care all that much. Effy also removed Lil G as the head of Effy Productions. She actually fired her from the position.


Lil G just announced that she’s back. Interestingly enough she also attaches a song clip to her announcement. She tweets:

I’m not missing… i just found myself while I was away. Take a listen:″ 

The song clip is of Lil G. She seems to be joining the world of music without the help of her mother. Lil G exclusively tells us:

My mother hates these kind of blogs so I jumped at the opportunity to make a statement. While I was away I was working with top people in the music industry to make a significant debut. I have put more work into my debut so far than Effy has her whole music career. 

We asked Lil G about the song and she states:

It’s obviously very different when compared to my mothers work. My mother presented an over auto-tuned slutty image with basic EDM beats. I wanted to explore music as a whole and create art. My is previewed so far is only a glimpse into what I have in store. I want to also mention, I am not the kind of person to constantly call myself a slut or sing sexual and degrading songs. I am going to have a feeling of love and I’m going to explore who I actually am as a person with my music. It’ll be an art. Each song, lets say each stroke, will create a masterpiece. I’ll be taking song vocal classes, something my mother never considered doing, and really going to experiment with the sounds that I haven’t been able to hit just yet. It’s a working progress but I AM WORKING HARD, unlike my mother who took 6 years creating something finally worth listening too. 

We asked how it was working with her mother, and she told us:

It was… well… no pleasant. I’m not even sure why I agreed. On ‘Out Of This World’ I was excited to feature on two tracks. That’s why I was sunk into it. I wanted to get out there musically. At the time I couldn’t get signed to any companies. They all thought I sounded to similar to my mother and they thought the world didn’t need another Effy Giraffe, but in all honesty I am so much more than my mother. At the time Effy actually made sure other companies wouldn’t even consider me, she apparently had a memo sent out threatening them if they signed me. It was terrible. I pretty much gave up. Back in August, I thought I could release a song since Effy declared me the head of Effy Productions. Unfortunately, my contract clearly stated I couldn’t release any of my music (or future music) under the company. It was such a disappointment. My fault for not reading it. I wish i did, because if I did I wouldn’t have signed.

Why did you run away and not tell her?

Well I just had to get away. She didn’t seem to be worried. I was planning my future while she was partying with Uncle Gerald. 

Any Genre chosen for the new material?

It’ll have a kind of pop rock feel to it. But I’m not sure how the finally result will be. All I have to say is it’s going to be amazing. I have some awesome guests, background vocalists, and lyrics all planned out. I can’t wait.





What do you think of the clip everyone?




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