News// ‘Inhabitant’ Canceled — Effy Hits All Time Low

irelEffy Giraffe has not yet announced her upcoming album ‘Inhabitant’. Why? Well our insider just confirmed it’s not going to happen:

We were hoping ‘Inhabitant’  would’ve ended up being a major come back for Effy but sadly we’ve decided to move away from the project. Statistics have proven Effy Giraffe is no longer relevant. She released a new promo single ‘Eat The Corn’ months back that ended up being a disaster. If anything she’s just irrelevant… not inhabitant.

We decided to interview our insider, who was a former producer of the discontinued record. Here it is below:




What are your thoughts on the cancellation of Inhabitant?

I personally wasn’t surprised. In fact most of the producers already dropped out of Inhabitant prior to the cancellation. 

Why did they all drop out? Did you?

They dropped out because they weren’t going to get payed very well if it did release. We went through her fan base and a number of statistics that all showed releasing the album would be a mistake. In 2013 Effy slowly started to rise. In 2014 she dropped dramatically with ‘EFFY’. After her self titled release she released ‘Out of This World’, which is today known as her farewell album. The album did relatively well but didn’t feature the right amount of views to reconsider Inhabitant’s future. In early 2015 Effy hit an all time high with The Greatest: The Complete Hits Collection simply because it featured I Love Charles Manson.

Why didn’t ‘I Love Charles Manson’s’ Views Convince You To Stick With Inhabitant?

I Love Charles Manson might have been Effy’s top song but in all reality it was just a one hit wonder. Nothing more than that. For the past two months Effy Giraffe has statistically hit an all time low. Things would’ve been different if she maintained views throughout March, April and May but unfortunately each month only reveals a lower number.

Do you think it’s because all she has is old material? Maybe new songs will create more of a fanbase.

We thought that at first but sadly we can’t be sure. Eat The Corn is a great example of a newer song that failed completely. 

Have you completed any songs for Inhabitant?

Mainly just demos. We finished recently a song called ‘Easy’. It brings a new kind of sound but an old OOTW feel. We also have a few others but nothing that we can say would’ve made it to the album.

Why didn’t you just release a single to test out the views and then decide on the album’s future?

That was the original plan but Effy has never previously hit the amount of views we’re looking for. Unfortunately this is the decision we had to come up with.

Do you want to say anything to our readers?

It was not my choice alone to cancel ‘Inhabitant’. It was a group decision. If Effy held a stronger fan base then we’d probably have an album all set. Effy was pretty upset when we decided to trash the album completely. We referred her to a few other record company’s who were interested in meeting with her to discuss a possible new album but we made it clear we didn’t want to waste our time.

So could Effy come back through a different record company?

We gave her the opportunity. It looks like Effy is not interested in taking any meetings though. According to someone on our staff she is just going to continue with her retirement. She apparently doesn’t want to go through the hassle of finding new people to work with her on another record. 

What are you and everyone else in Effy Productions going to be focusing on?

Effy Giraffe has been officially signed out of the company. She has been having money problems for months and hasn’t invested any money into the company so the company was bought out. We’re keeping the name, as far as I know we are anyway, and we’ll be working with some new clients making music. We’re actually in the process of signing Jamiya (which is kind of funny because Effy Giraffe is the reason for us all knowing who she is). We’ll be working on Jamiya’s debut E.P. that will actually have a song featuring Mikeee! It gets even better. The Moment will also make an appearance on the song with Mikeee too. The song could possibly be titled ‘She’s So Over DRAMAtic’ — which can be called Drama for short. The song will be written by Jamiya and Mikeee with the help of Effy’s ex-manager and will be written ABOUT EFFY. That’s right. 

Do you know what Jamiya, Effy’s ex-manager and Mikee think about Effy?

They don’t speak to highly of her. They basically had to suck up to try and get on another song because Effy was the only connection they had. 

Jamiya – Jamiya has had a lot of problems with Effy. Effy treated Jamiya like shit according to her. Apparently there was a lot of verbal and physical abuse along with threats from Effy.

Mikeee – Mikeee’s remix feature was actually cut from Out Of This World. Mikeee was pissed about that. Surprisingly his version was included on The Greatest: The Complete Hits Collection, where Effy released a statement saying “Not A Nun would be nothing without Mikeee. It was a hit when he was added onto the song! It needed to be added!” He later told me that he actually fought for the song to be on the album. He threatened a lawsuit because she was going against his contract with her so she got pissed because she had to include him.

Effy’s Manager – Effy’s manager couldn’t handle Effy after seven years. After writing ‘I Love Charles Manson’ he was done with her completely. Apparently he dealt with a lot of sleepless nights because of her. Also Effy abused him a lot. He told me personally “It could’ve been a lifetime movie.”


Have you had a negative experience with her?

Oh many, but I don’t want to say. I would hate for her to find out who I am.

Have you witnessed any kind of drama between others and Effy?

We thought she was a changed person when she started working on ‘Inhabitant’ but she was far from changed. I think working on music pushes her over the top. She loses control. Even has been turning to drugs and liquor again. It’s crazy.


Well that was interesting. What do you think about this? No more Inhabitant. Sad or happy after reading the behind the scenes details?


What Do You Think??

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