News// ‘Inhabitant’ Could Be Considered EFFY 2.0 ?

EFFY3Our insider, one of the producers of ‘Inhabitant’, just revealed some interesting information. Aparently they album just might not be full of EDM/Dubstep greatness. Instead they revealed:

The album will be considered EFFY 2.0

We asked what this meant. They said:

Effy is hoping to do a few hip hop songs. But nothing like her EFFY failure. I advised her it was a mistake, considering the album was such a failure, but Effy told me:

We’ll do a few demos. If any tracks are jaw dropping hit potential then we should release them. If not we just scrap them entirely. Honestly, I understand EFFY was a flop but there were many reasons for that. I was trying to find a record label who would take me. I ended up signing onto Effy Productions, a label started by my producers. After recording about three songs the producers wanted to scrap the album entirely and drop me from the label, but because of my contract with them they had to put the album out. Since they were forced to release it they ended up releasing an album filled with only demos, demos that weren’t even properly mastered. The end result was horrible and I wish that they worked with me. Now that I bought out Effy Productions I finally got to do my own thing and released amazing content. With the right producers I think we can successfully release this album with a mixture of styles. A proper second go at EFFY and a proper return with styles that made me a chart topper. I’m not concerned. I’m returning for fun and I intend to do so. This record should be all me.”

Of  course I couldn’t say no. This is a team effort, and who knows. Maybe the demos will be amazing. I believe that ‘Inhabitant’ will end up being a mixture of Dubstep, EDM, A few ballads, and some Hip Hop sounding R&B songs. Effy does not plan to rap on any of her songs. She admitted to us that she didn’t care for her rapping on EFFY, so why go that route.

This news is a bit of a surprise to us. EFFY 2.0 could have potential but we just hope that it doesn’t focus on an R&B sound. We think that it would be logically to continue with the genre that made her famous. A lot of her listeners love Dubstep and hoped she’d release a Dubstep filled album. It’s early to say, so who knows.


The producers continued to say  right now is just demo time:

We’re planning on doing 30-40 demos alone. Hell maybe even more. We want to get a feel of what to focus on for the album. So of course we’re only in the planning stage of it all. So I wouldn’t worry. Only amazing songs will be green-lit for an actual release.


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