News// Lead Single to ‘Inhabitant’ is UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING


As you might already know, if you’ve been keeping up with our blog, Effy Giraffe has been working on her upcoming album ‘Inhabitant’. The album, which will most likely release in 2016 or early 2017, will be Effy’s first since her 2014 hit ‘Out Of This World’. One of the producers of the album explains:

We’re all so excited for the release. We’re taking our time with it. Effy’s contract strictly states she cannot talk about it yet, so don’t plan on her confirming Inhabitant anytime soon. You’re getting this information strictly from an inside source, me. I will share what I can!

We might have limited knowledge of what to actually expect from the album, but expect something major.

We’ve done a few songs so far. Once could possibly be the lead single to the upcoming release. We’re not really sure yet but it could be a promising single. It’s to soon to say.

Previously we’ve wondered if any special guests were planned so far for the upcoming album. It appears as if a new guest has been enlisted for the upcoming release. Our insider reveals:

Effy just finished working with someone. I can’t say who exactly quite yet but the final result is amazing. We aren’t sure yet if the song will be on Inhabitant, because this song is actually someone else’s Effy features on. Possibly we’ll have her record a solo version and include that on ‘Inhabitant’. We’re currently reaching out to a few other artists we think could potentially have talent. Effy is known for finding artist’s who haven’t made their big break yet, and doing that is still very much important to her. Effy definitely realizes how hard it is to make a name for yourself.

What else will be in store? What news could come? A big reveal is coming from our insider very soon! Keep your eyes open!


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