News// Inhabitant — New Album Details

As announced Saturday Effy will be releasing a new album titled ‘Inhabitant’. The album is said to be a sequel to her popular 2014 release Out of This World. Our insider continues to leak information exclusively for us. They told us today:


The album seems different than Out of This World. Many might complain about it not sounding like an authentic sequel. What we’re going for is a unique sound. We don’t want to recycle the same old material. We’re looking to wow you with this album.

Will Effy’s return be permanent? Will this be an official come back? Well our insider continued to explain:

As for Inhabitant being a come back album, it isn’t. Effy Giraffe wanted to release one more record for a specific reason. I can’t say why yet. This will be her last.

As for the records quality

We’re shooting for an album that sounds so different compared to everything she has release prior. We’ve been working on it for a long time and will be working on it for a long time. Who knows. It might be ready for late 2016 but most likely early 2017.

2017 is a LONG time. Effy usually releases her albums quicker than that. Obviously a lot of thought and time is going into this one. So will it be more of a hit than ‘Out of This World’ or ‘The Greatest: The Complete Hits Collection’. Will ‘I Love Charles Manson’ remain Effy’s top song to date?

We know for a fact this album will top any release Effy has ever done prior. It’s really a journey and we love that. Who knows. Every song might be more popular than ILCM.

We also decided to ask if any guests were yet lined up. Their response?

We have some background vocalists so far. Lil G is not returning to do background vocals this time around. In fact no one knows where Lil G is. Effy Productions almost collapsed financially and we’re assuming that is the reason why she fled. With the recent earnings of other artists we’ve signed finances are no longer and issue. So Lil G, if you are in hiding, please return. We all know you’re wanted to return for background vocals. We also reached out to a talent scout who’ll be searching for some guest vocalists interested in featuring in a song or two (non-profit/volunteers). We tried getting a hold of Jamiya but she was no longer interested in working with Effy, unfortunately, but we’ll find some new talent!

As for the return of C0tey C0llins?

A One Night Stand 2.0 was written just for him and Effy. The song was going to be titled ‘Hook Up’. The lyrics are amazing but sadly the song may never properly release. C0tey C0llins has been busy with some personal things. We reached out to him but sadly we were rejected. Effy hoped to reunite with him for a newer song after so long. Hopefully one day, before the album officials drops, he’ll agree but we highly doubt that’ll happen.

No C0tey, No Jamiya, what about Mikeee?

Effy has no interest in having Mikeee return. Apparently they had some kind of fight.

And finally we had to ask, any song covers?

None Planned!! but you know Effy. She LOVES covering her favorites. 



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