News// Exclusive New Details On New Effy Giraffe Album — OFFICIAL INFORMATION



Effy’s next album is going to officially be a sequel to her last album Out Of This World (2014). The producer of her next album even reveals the name to us exclusively. The producers explains:

Effy is going to call herself an inhabitant being when promoting her upcoming album. The release date is not yet determined but here is what you should know. The album is going to be called ‘Inhabitant’ and quite a few guests are already lined up. With top producers and featured guests expect a hit come back release. The album will have a dubstep feel to it but will also have a few poppy hip hop sounding songs and of course a ballad or two. It’ll be one of Effy’s most involved albums and will take a long while to produce. We’re hoping to make it a two disk album. ‘Inhabitant’ is the working title, and could very well be changed. We’re excited for the album and hope it’ll be a smash hit. I also heard the first single will be a summer hit? Maybe… who knows really.


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