Leak// Disappointing Eat The Corn Single Leaks

On April 9th Effy announced she’d be releasing a new single titled ‘Eat The Corn’. The single wasn’t going to be apart of any upcoming album. According to her she is still retired from making music [even though we’ve been hearing other things].

The single has actually leaked Saturday, April 12th without anyone noticing. Listen here:

Our exclusive insider tells us:

Effy Productions was hacked into on April 11th. Effy posted on twitter that the hackers only stole really old demos/cut songs. She also said she heard rumors that the newest single, Eat The Corn, was one of the songs the hacker stole but she quickly denied it saying that it wasn’t stolen. In reality it was. We noticed the song leaked on the 12th and we told Effy not to make a statement about it. We figured if nobody knew that’d be a good thing.

The single is a huge disappointment. Don’t expect an actual song. Eat The Corn is 49 seconds of talking auto-tuned originally from a promo she released for the show. We had high hopes for another glorious song we could dance too, but sadly we didn’t get that with this R&B disaster.


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