News// In The Life of Effy Giraffe Theme Song

You know the song from the In The Life of Effy Giraffe promos, like at the end of this one for instance. Well the song will actually be the theme song to the limited series. Our insider reveals:

The theme song was immediately selected and has been used in promos for the show. It’s a very very short theme song. Literally it’s the same length as in the promos. The producers of the show didn’t want to spend 2 or 3 minutes on an opening credits/theme song. Instead it’s 7 seconds. There is an extended edition. The extended edition is nearly 4:00 minutes. Will the full version ever release? Most likely not. The song was originally just a The Greatest: The Complete Hits Collection take out. I believe producers at  Effy Productions are trying to sell the song off to another artist, but I can’t be entirely sure. What I do know is the extended version will most likely never see the light of day. 

Here’s what we asked our insider:

“Effy hinted around to a possible In The Life of Effy Giraffe soundtrack. Would this extended version be included?”

Their response?

We don’t see a soundtrack happening. In fact Effy never ran the idea by any of us. It was something she blogged about. If it does happen I can assure you the song won’t be included. Mainly because, as I stated, it’s in the process of being sold off to a different artist. I think you’ll have to keep your fingers crossed for a leak.

Do you think a 0:07 second theme song is stupid? Share your thoughts


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