News// Effy Giraffe To Release Summer Album?

Untitled 9 - Copy (2)Effy Giraffe has been constantly vocal about not wanting to return to music. But now it looks like she will be returning.

Coming in a few weeks Effy Giraffe will be releasing a short rap mix titled ‘Eat The Corn’, vocals taken from her promo video for In The Life of Effy Giraffe titled ‘Will She Eat The Corn?‘. Effy confirmed the release explaining:

It’s basically to promote In The Life of Effy Giraffe. It’s not even technically a song. It’s just to promote the tv show and it’s only for that! No I am not returning to music!


A week ago she said that, but now apparently she was spotted going into a record studio. We caught an intern from Effy Productions and asked him if Effy was recording a new record. He replied:

I’m not allowed to discuss her new material or what she’s working on.

We responded, so it is for a new album? He, under pressure, left but before doing so he said:

I want to keep my internship here.

If that wasn’t confirmation I’m not really sure what is. We then contacted our insider at Effy Productions and they explained:

Since the intern accidentally revealed the come back to you there’s nothing to hide. I want to share with you some details about the upcoming album.

So our insider continued:

The weather is nice and Effy called us up and said, “I miss music, let’s do a surprise record”. Of course it was something we had to take some time to think about. The Greatest: The Complete Hits Collection was such a hit album,  which featured a new song that was Effy’s top song in all of 6 years, but was that single’s success worth doing yet another record? Could it have been just a one hit wonder?

Effy, of course, assured us that she has had hits before. She explained how she was nominated for a streamy award for the song ‘So Hot’, and has even had major success with song ‘In My Arms’ — which was later successfully mixed by Dubstep. We decided an album was worth a shot. Most of the project is funded by Effy herself so we wouldn’t really lose money.

Effy just started to plan songs for the album. We’ve been meeting in the studio discussing the sound and image she wants to portray for the release. Obviously the album is in the very early stages so not a lot of information is available. But here are our plans for her release:

  • For the album we want to stick to one producer and one writer. Just so it follows a certain theme throughout.
  • The album isn’t planned as a comeback album.
  • A standard and deluxe edition isn’t planned. There will be just one release.
  • Possible Idea — An interesting idea of an album that tells a story was brought to the table. Each song would be connected, telling a story throughout.
  • Possible Idea — A fully dubstep album has been discussed. Apparently it is believed Effy could be a successful dubstep artist, based on her ‘In My Arms’ hit.
  • The album might include an extended mix of ‘Eat The Corn’ as a bonus track. Or a new dubstep mix? Who knows as of now.
  • The album could very well be her last. As I mentioned before it isn’t a comeback. It’s a limited return really. There isn’t any afterwards plans. We’re going to ride it out [The release].
  • Possible Idea — A country idea was mentioned by Effy herself. She was thinking about a 100% real instrumental album. I, along with other people at the meeting, didn’t care for the idea. Mainly because Effy never tried going country. After that Effy said maybe just a raw sounding ballad filled album with one country song, or two. We’ll take the idea into consideration of even demo a country song but we feel like we won’t be sticking with the idea.

Those are just a few ideas off the top of my head that I want to share. As new information develops I’ll share with you exclusively here on effymusic — the ultimate fanpage.


So do you like that fact Effy is returning? When do you think she’ll announce the return


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