Exclusive// New Song Clip Leaks + Lil G Discusses It

Rumors have been constantly circulating over the return of Effy Giraffe. On March 15th she was suppose to announce her return in music and reveal the first single, all according to daughter Lil G, but apparently due to complications she put it off for a little. Lil G tells us:

She is putting off the surprise for a week, I heard. She deleted her facebook account so no one would ask any question regarding it [the surprise]. 

The song was said to possibly be titled Sex, but now we are getting word that it could very well be titled Welcome Back. A song clip titled ‘Welcome Back’ mysteriously hit the web not to long ago also.

The Welcome Back clip was very LQ.  It sounds hip hop, so we’re thinking it could be a EFFY (2014) out take. You can listen to it below:

Lil G tells us exclusively:

I’ve actually never heard the song before. So I can’t really say what it is. All I can say is it does sound very EFFY, it also sounds oddly mixed? I feel like it’s a remix and not the original song if it is new. But as I said I can’t be sure.


What do you think?


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