Exclusive Reveal// Effy WILL Return To Music

Effy Giraffe was recently in the news for one of her greatest hits becoming her all time hit in seven years. The recognition was presented by Spotify. The song? ‘I Love Charles Manson’ from The Greatest: The Complete Hits Collection. Effy wrote on her blog:

” When the single initially released it did horribly. So horrible producers wondered if even releasing a greatest hits album was worth time. I bet they’re glad they did now!”

On March 15th, 2015 Effy Giraffe will be giving her fans a thank you surprise for the successful track. What will the surprise be? Effy Giraffe posted a photo on her facebook page that looks like a possible single cover? With the writing #Sex.  Could a song ‘Sex’ be releasing? The image was actually labeled “#fbf with a tease”.

Lil G kindly spoke with us and revealed some major information:

On March 15th Effy will be announcing her plans to release a new album. This time she will no longer be releasing it under the name Effy Giraffe. She HAS officially retired as that artist, technically. I won’t announce her new name but I will announce she’ll be releasing her debut album’s lead single also on the 15th! Get excited. It is major.

Lil G continued to discuss the single, the album, and even some interesting new guests that’ll appear on the record.

We have been in the process of arranging some major special guests. One of which is a major pop star we sent a demo to not long ago for her album (about a year ago actually). The album is amazing. We believe the lead single will actually be its least popular. In all honesty it was way to early to even release a single but we wanted to anyway as a thank you. The initial plan was to release the first single in 2016, and then 4 or 5 singles following, and then the album in 2017. 

You excited for Effy’s new “band”?


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