News// Effy On Tiwtter + ‘The Greatest: The Complete Hits Collection’ Will Officially Be Delayed

It was officially confirmed today that The Greatest: The Complete Hits Collection will not be releasing on the intended Feb. 8th 2015 release date. Effy actually confirmed herself the album’s release date has been postponed until further notice. She stated:

…The Greatest: The Complete Hits Collection has also been delayed. So enjoy the EP for now.

Her reason for signing back on to twitter was to thank her fans for their constant support and to tell us about her EP and the future of her reality series. We’re thinking Lil G may have posed as her because Effy is in fact somewhere without the internet- but that’s none of our business.


An insider just revealed to us the album is actually in heat. They said:

The Greatest: The Complete Hits Collection is in hot water right now. Distributing the album would be easy, considering it’s only a greatest hits album, but the album is being delayed and could possibly never release. The EP isn’t doing very well and everyone at Effy Pro. are nervous. They feel like they’ll be wasting money instead of gaining some. Who knows what’ll end up happening, but it looks like the release could end up being canceled. 

With Lil G now being the head of Effy Pro. we find this a little unlikely. But the insider revealed to us something new

Lil G only had the rights to Effy’s name. She is not in charge of distribution, just promoting. Lil G ended up in some big trouble when she was going to push out a Valentine’s day re-release single of ‘Love You Tonight’. The single was all set of release, which Lil G pushed out herself without permission. The release was eventually dropped and Lil G was also almost herself. Lil G is under a major warning and can’t make any big decision, she is in fact on thin ice and may lose her executive position she currently has.

With the loss in Lil G’s family and her job complications a lot is on her plate right now. Who knows what might end up happening.


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