News// In The Life Of Effy Giraffe Makes Some Interesting Social Media Changes

The exciting upcoming reality show, In The Life Of Effy Giraffe,  made some interesting changes to their facebook page. The picture on the left shows the original profile picture used on the page to promote the show. The picture has since changed to a picture that exclude apparent co-star Cotey Collins. (Seen On right)

Cotey was apparently hell to work with. Originally the show was going to be called ‘In The Life Of Effy Giraffe & Cotey Collins’ but was changed because Cotey wasn’t going to appear in every episode. A producer even previously released a statement saying:

It was clear Cotey wanted to take no part in the show or Effy. A lot of fighting went on, which usually is perfect for a reality series but a lot of scenes were left unfinished because he left. He even destroyed a camera. We had Effy make a decision, kick him off the show or make sure he’s only in a few episode. We reached an agreement with Effy, making Cotey a guest-star. 

Originally the shows ultimate plan was to give Cotey a cameo appearance but eventually it turned into a show about their relationship. Above is a promo banner that was posted originally on the official facebook page.  The banner has also been changed. Do you notice something?

The new banner features just Effy. Cotey is no longer to be seen or mentioned in the new cover photo AND profile picture. Could this just be a coincidence? Perhaps but unlikely. We have a few theories.

COTEY was kicked off of the show:

Could Cotey have been kicked off of the show? This could very well be likely.


Loss In Effy’s Family Is….

Did he possibly die? This theory could be unlikely as well but really…. Effy has been taking some time away due to a family loss. No one had heard from her and also him. The show is apparently trying to decide how to continue in general because Effy has been away. They even officially made a statement of Effy’s site saying:

“Effy is dealing with some personal issues right now.We’re unsure if she’ll want to continue the show. She’s under and 8 episode contract and will have to finish the series when she’s ready. Most likely we’ll air the 8 episodes but after that the show may be cancelled per Effy’s request.”

With the show on hold and basically her career the death scenario makes sense. Who really knows what’s going on but she did officially confirm she lost someone in her family. The show reality show producers confirmed the show has been on hold and they’re not sure how to continue. They might even need to re shoot the whole show and scrap the already shot episodes out of respect for Cotey. We’re hoping for the best and our thoughts are with her.


What Do You Think??

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