News// New Effy Announcement Leak For A 2016 Return Being Shopped Around?

returningin2016Looks like Effy possibly faking the loss in her family and actually recording new content could very well be true. Rumor has it someone has access to a new Effy promo that was suppose to release AT THE END OF THIS YEAR. Yes, you heard that correctly. An insider tells us:

The video is only 10 seconds and features audio of an actual new song from the 2016 release, most likely the first single but we really have no details on that.

Currently someone is trying to sell this leak. The news seems pretty legit. Effy has been currently taking time away, who knows. We asked our insider what he/she thought of the song teaser from the promo. They said:

The song is honestly sick. It has a robotic dubstep theme to it, I think so anyway. It’s unlike anything Effy has done before. She’s obviously working with someone new on this album! 

Everyone is assuming Effy is working on new material and will be putting out an album next year, but nothing is confirmed officially. For all we know this come back could just be ONE song for a side project? A track that features her? A bonus track to another planned Greatest Hits album? Don’t get too excited yet!! But everything does seem promising.


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