News// Effy’s “Family Loss” Could Very Well Be A Lie

Rumor has it Effy Giraffe’s family loss could be a publicity stunt. Effy is well known for stirring up some rumors focused her way, but why lie about a death in her family? We’ll just never know. Effy Giraffe’s daughter has been active and very well apart of prepping for future Effy release ‘The Greatest: The Complete Hits Collection’.  She tells us;

I don’t want to comment on the loss. I believe that everything should be private. It is our private life and we do not wish to issue and official statement. Effy is taking some time and won’t be available for a while. I agreed to manage her upcoming project ‘The Greatest’ and have been handling her social media accounts.

We’re not really sure what could be the issue. We’ve created a list of what might be going on with Effy, we’re pretty convinced no one died… but…

1 – The Most Obvious Choice, A Death In Her Family

This whole story could very well be the truth. No proof has been released, neither has a statement. Effy, Lil G, and even a few close friends have confirmed the story, but could they be in on the lie? Who knows!

2 – Candy Girl 3.0, Effy Faces Her Drug Addiction

Effy could very well be seeking help for her constant drinking and drug abuse. Producers have confirmed working with her has been hell. One even stated:

The reason why Effy retired was because she’s incapable of singing anymore. She was under contract for a few years but we decided to drop her from Effy Productions. The Greatest originally wasn’t planned as a greatest hits album. She recorded new songs from the album, it was going to be her next full length LP following Out Of This World — at the time the working album name we chose was  Out Of The Greatest World. It was going to be a sequel to OOTW obviously. — Anyway working with her in the studio was just horrible. She was unable to sing due to being wasted, drugged out, and drunk most of the time. We had no choice but to give her a warning, which was go to rehab or we’ll drop her from her contract. She actually had the audacity to cover, while drunk actually, the song REHAB and she sent it to us via email. We had no choice but to drop her.

Could she finally be off seeking help? Perhaps so she could continue music again?

3 – She’s Working On A Secret Album

This rumor was the most interesting. We never reported it because it seemed like nonsense.. but until now we decided to cover the story. Effy could very well be taking some time writing and producing a record. Dubstep did release an announcement in late November stating:

We could be collaborating with someone who brought a huge increase of listeners. The collaboration will not be just a song this time. It’ll be a collaboration album. More details soon.. #DubstepAndFriends

We never actually assumed the announcement was about Effy but it does make sense. Effy was suppose to have Dubstep produce an album for her after OOTW. Could they be working together as we speak? We have doubts but who knows.



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