Exclusive// Tragedy Enters The Effy Household

It was reported just yesterday, as seen above, tragedy struck the Effy household. Effy has to discontinue her upcoming reality series for the time being. She’ll also be delaying the release of her Greatest Hits album. Our insider tells us:

What doesn’t make sense is the discontinuation of recording her reality series. If something tragic happened wouldn’t you think she’d want camera’s following her? Tragedy is reality TV gold! Something is just not adding up.

Yesterday we announced our speculation of her drug and alcohol usage, could be be seeking help? Or could she be in the hospital and one of her friends posted the status. Our insider continued:

The announcement is rather odd.It just doesn’t seem like she wrote it. If you knew Effy she’s a perfectionist when it comes to everything. She clearly misspelled related “R-e-l-e-a-t-e-d”. Normally If Effy misspells something she’ll actually erase the tweet and correct it.

‘The Greatest’ EP will release within a few weeks, but as we mentioned the LP and reality series will be delayed for a while.


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