News// Why The ‘Candy Girl’ Effy Really Quit



You’ve all heard the Candy Girl Controversy I’m sure? Well Effy Giraffe is back to her former self apparently. An inside source is telling us Effy is using again. The source stated:

Effy Giraffe is back to her old habits again. She is back on drugs and is heavily drinking. This has been going on for a while. Her drinking increased heavily during the production of Out Of This World. Thankfully her vocals were good and she wasn’t using at the time of production.

We have a reason to believe Effy didn’t want to actually quit music. She was under a 6 year contract with Effy Productions. She only stuck with the label for one year, which went against her contract. Our insider confirms are suspicions.

Effy’s contract with Effy Productions clearly stated they had the right to terminate her contract if she turned to drugs again. Effy Productions gave her a chance to go to rehab again but she wouldn’t go, which she ironically ended up covering the Amy Winehouse song ‘Rehab’ and sent it to the head of Effy Productions.

newpromoBefore leaving Effy Productions a 2015 album was planned. The release was going to be called ‘The Greatest’, but it wasn’t a greatest hits album. The album was going to be all new. Our insider continued:

The album was going to be produced by Dubstep. Mikeee was confirmed to have a featuring spot on a track, which was exciting news for him because it wasn’t going to be a remix.. it was a full new original song. Jamiya was also interested in returning but no official agreement was made. The album was, of course, going to be all dubstep. In My Arms (Dubstep Remix) was going to be re-released as a single. The whole album was planned and set but once production started all hell began. Effy was a drunken mess. Her vocals were also pretty bad again, we suspected she began using again. Producer ‘Dubstep’ even dropped out of the project upon seeing Effy’s appearance. It was horrible. We gave her a few months and we even tried to continue the untitled album with different producers but it didn’t work out. We ended up dropping the project, we then told her it was rehab or she was out. 

Its said that audio of Effy in the studio is being shopped around as we speak! Hopefully we’ll hear it soon!


Until then, thanks for reading our blog.

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