Rumor// ‘The Greatest’ ISN’T A Greatest Hits Album Apparently

Effy is apparently planning a huge 2015 surprise. What was thought to be a greatest hits album actually isn’t going to be one. An ex producer of Effy’s revealed to us he’s not her ex producer, because he’s working on her new record? He stated:


I’ve been working with Effy since late June. Effy wanted to leave her, at the time, manger and lyricist because she felt he was holding her back. She felt her only way out was making him believe she was done making music. I’m among one other producer. I’m more of an editor. She has been working with producer Dubstep, whom remixed an Effy song In My Arms which became an instant hit. The album is more of an Effy & Dubstep album. It’s amazing so far. We’ve been working very hard on it. She hired a variety of lyricists for the album. The first single was ‘I Love Charles Manson’, written/produced/mixed by her former manager. ILCM is the only song that has anything to do with her old manager. He had no idea it was for a new album, he thinks- along with everyone else until now- the song was for a greatest hits album. We’re all excited. It is pure dubstep.

Lil G released a statement saying:

I’ve been away for a while dealing with a personal matter. I’ve given control of the record company to a close friend of mine for the time being. I haven’t heard much about anything because i opted out. I signed ‘The Greatest’ over to someone else because I didn’t have time to put in for it.

It sounds like Lil G confirmed the project got complicated so she opted out of it? We actually belief there’s truth to the story. A promo leaked earlier today, which looks similar to ‘The Greatest’ promo shot. Do you think so?














The Effy picture isn’t even released yet, considering she went for the photoshoot LAST WEEKEND and no pictures were revealed. We’re pretty convinced this dubstep thing could be true.



Effy’s long time lyricist and producer commented on the rumor. His official statement:

I’m trying not to believe any of this is true. I’ve tried calling Effy all day but my calls have been ignored. If this is true I want ILCM pulled from the album, and if she doesn’t do it willingly I’ll have to get it done forcefully. It’s hard for me to believe Effy would do any of this, but lets face it she did the same thing to Jamiya*. I’m also convinced this must be true, even more so due to the ignored phone calls.

Of course he’d be the only person angered over the news of a new Effy album. This would be the first Effy release that no longer featured his writing. As for the Jamiya comment we reached out to her and we’ll soon hear her statement and response to what Effy’s ex manager had to say.



As we said we reached out to Jamiya. Here is what she had to say:

Working with Effy was a nightmare. I worked with her and was introduced way back when for the, now pulled, album Prima Donna. She was a jealous diva. The final time we worked together was for her first 2014 self-titled rap album. The album was trash and our collaborations were only demos. I never approved of the final releases. Effy was a racist drama starting diva, so I’m not at all surprised she’d drop her lyricist in a harsh way. But I also believe she faked her farewell for more listeners. She’s nothing but an attention whore!

If she ever called me to work with her on her Dubstep release I actually would want to collaborate. She cannot deny the fact we made magic together. Dealing with her petty drama was a small price to pay for some spotlight. I do believe I’d sing a good dubstep song. It’s really unfortunate about her lyricist but maybe there’s more to the story? As much as I hate Effy… maybe it was time for time to go? After all, he wanted to retire first.


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