Rumor// Why Effy Is Really Keeping Quiet

Effy hasn’t been as active as usual. She has been said to have been taking a break and relaxing due to a “stroke” she had. This could actually be false. Effy recently released her first single to her upcoming Greatest Hits album. The single was brand new and was titled ‘I Love Charles Manson’. The song has not been a, so called, “hit”. The song is performing as well as one would think. Apparently the new head of Effy Productions, Lil G, and others who’s invested in the company was to drop the greatest hits album completely.

The C.E.O of the Effy G/ Effy Productions name released a statement to us saying:

Effy Giraffe never released an actual hit, so why release a greatest hits album? We’re immediately taking action against the album from releasing. It’s more of a waste of money rather than a gain in money.


What Do You Think??

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