News// Effy Announces Musical Return on

EffyGiraffeProfielThe diva we all love to hate, Effy Giraffe, will be apparently making her return to music. On, Effy herself hinted to it by stating:

Get ready guys, because I am back! And better than ever!

She doesn’t go into any detail, instead she is telling her fans to listen to her Podcast in just a few days for the official announcement. But she DOES confirm it’s music related.

This could mean a number of things. First and foremost, Effy has expressed disinterest in furthering her 5 year music career. She constantly reminds us, Out of This World is her farewell release. So what else is going on? Let’s break it down as to what could be happening:

A Remix Album?

Remix albums use to be Effy’s go to for promoting her albums. Cigarettes & Sex had one, as did Prima Donna, and Out of This World. But a Greatest Hits Remixed album? That could be an interesting way for her to make some money, and shouldn’t be ruled out.


A Brand NEW Album?

As we mentioned above, Effy constantly has reminded us she doesn’t want to return to music. But could she be finally ready to return after a four year hiatus? Although seemingly unlikely, never say never.

A “New” Album With Old Unreleased Songs

Effy Productions rep Lil G confirmed a vault of unreleased and unmastered Effy Giraffe songs. Could the tracks finally see the light of day? Who knows! With unreleased song Legendary finally getting out there on Soundcloud, it’s certainly a possibility.

A One & Done New Single

In 2015, Effy Productions released a song titled #PU$$Y to promote then “upcoming” series In The Life of Effy Giraffe. The song was suppose to attract her music lovers and ever made an appearance in a teaser trailer. Could Effy be releasing a new single to promote her Podcast Effy Talks? Another likely scenario.



We did some digging and found a few new edits of old Geoffrey album covers (Effy’s old artist name and material).

The album covers have been updated to either include the artist name Effy Giraffe, or have been cropped to rid the Geoffrey name she was forced to changes in 2013. So, we are thinking a re-release of all of her old albums is happening very soon. Most likely to celebrate her 10th anniversary next year.

There’s so far no information as to when the albums will officially be re-releasing or how many albums from her old catalog will be available. All we know is, it is coming soon. The official announcement will be on Effy Talks in a matter of just days, we are thinking the re-releases will be available that same day.


More Than A Year Later…

Untitled 12

Effy Giraffe has been retired from music since 2014 (2015 is you count her greatest hits release). Unfortunately, we stopped making frequent posts about her seeing as she was working on nothing new– besides her unreleased/cancelled reality series.

So we stepped away from the blog in 2017. A little more than a year ago. But now we are back. Why you might ask? Well we have reason to believe Effy Giraffe is readying her first comeback album. An exclusive source tells us,

Effy has reached out to a number of new producers, in hopes that she can take her career a step further than ever before. She has also been looking into new background vocalists since her daughter is no longer with us.

It has all been a lot of talk for now. I heard she even has been looking into a physical release this time around.

Why after comeback after three years? We have an idea. 2019 marks 10 years Effy Giraffe has been in the music business (with the debut of her first release I Wanna Die). 10 years is pretty big, so a comeback wouldn’t be a surprise.

Although it might be stretch, we are thinking Effy might be planning to re-release her now unreleased debut EP with brand new songs. Perhaps a full on reinvention of a debut that went under the radar.

Who knows what to expect. But I think it’s safe to say… she’s coming back!

‘In The Life of Effy Giraffe’ Exclusive: Effy DID HAVE WORK DONE

IMG_2435.JPGHello everybody! We are back sharing an exclusive story with you all! Effy Giraffe’s (self proclaimed) popular series will apparently be making its debut this year. So far not much is known about the show, but slowly teasers and promos have been coming in.

A month ago, Effy released the above picture teasing a possible cosmetic surgery she might have had. The ‘did she or didn’t she have surgery’ tease is an interesting gimmick to get you watching– but you don’t actually have to watch, because we HAVE THE ANSWER.

Thursday night, Effy released the following picture on her Instagram page:IMG_2523.JPG

The photo is of Effy being interviewed for the show, but where is she? She is in a large green hat, which is covering her face and body entirely.

Why could she be doing this? Well. It turns out Effy DID in fact have surgery. Her reasons for doing so are unknown, and any pictures of her transition are not yet available (except for the above teaser shots).


What do  you think?

‘F*** Me Mr. President’ Almost Got Re-Released This Month

Effy’s iconic 2012 single F*** Me Mr. President almost made an unexpected return this year!

In 2015 the song was remastered for her greatest hits album, so many are wondering why would we need it to be reissued again?

Well, Effy Giraffe has been a big supporter of president-elect Donald Trump since he first announced his run. She was very nervous on election night. Effy tells us, 

I was on the edge of my seat, just waiting to see if Trump won. I was hopeful! Trump and I had a brief sexual relationship back in the day. He’s a great man!

F*** Me Mr. President can now officially be dedicated to Trump. She tells us

F*** Me Mr. President was a song written about Bill Clinton, dedicated to Barrack Obama, and now officially dedicated to Donald Trump!

About reissuing the iconic track, Effy states:

I almost re-released the song. It would have only made its debut if Hillary won the election. 

I re-recorded the track, titling it Fuck Me Madam President, and was set to release it if Hillary won. The song won’t see the light of day but it was a great cut!

What so you think about that?!

In The Life of Effy Giraffe IS NOT Effy’s TV Show…

Everybody is discussing Effy Giraffe’s upcoming reality series In The Life of Effy Giraffe. The show will make it’s official debut next year! Many have wondered, will we get more than one season? Effy answered her faces on social media, stating she wasn’t sure. She’s open to it, but it seems to be a one shot kind of deal. 

So, why the uncertainty about continuing the show? Well it’s simple. It’s not really her show. We spoke with a producer of the series who told us exclusively:

Many seem to think In The Life of Effy Giraffe is Effy’s show, when really it isn’t. Effy Giraffe is the star of OUR In ‘The Life of’ reality series. Each series will focus on a different persons life. 

Naturally, we had a few questions so here they are in this exclusive behind the scenes interview with the producer:

Why and how did you choose Effy as your focus for the first season?

The show actually isn’t split into seasons. Each will be split as a series. We had our eye on Effy. She’s a retired musician, and honestly her popularity was really non existent. We chose her in hopes to perhaps get her name out there. 

Why not focus on someone with a greater popularity level?

Well we have a person in mind for our next series who is more well known! But Effy’s co-star actually has a pretty large following  so I think that helped us settle into creating the show with Effy had the lead. 

How many episodes will each series have?

Episodes will vary. The first series will have 18 episodes. Anything thereafter won’t be decided until production. 

Would you ever bring back the show for a In The Life of Effy Giraffe II?

If the show does well we told Effy it would be a possibility but not until after a few different series’. Perhaps a revival in 2020 we’re thinking. Who knows! We’ve even penned a few titles that could work:

In The Life of Effy Giraffe: The Bitch Giraffe is Back

In The Life of Effy Giraffe: III Years Later

Still…In The Life of Effy Giraffe

In The Life of Effy Giraffe… Again

Seems like there has been a lot of thought into this?

Yes and no. We had it planned for a 2020 return but not it’s just all up in the air right now

Who else would return?

Can’t quite reveal that. Some fresh faces, some old flames, new flames. A lot can happen in three years. Honestly anybody who is in Effy’s life in that point of time will be featured on the show. 

Well there you have it! Effy’s show will only get one season (series) and a possibly 2020 revival season. 

News// Effy Giraffe Releasing A New Song This Month Limited To A FEW Countries



Effy Giraffe will officially be releasing a new song! That’s right! We just received some interesting information. A brand new song was registered under Effy’s name. The track, expected to drop no later than next week, is titled Toy Soldier.

Unfortunately, the song won’t be released worldwide. We aren’t sure exactly what areas will be lucky enough to be able to buy/stream the track BUT we do know those in The United States and The United Kingdom will NOT be receiving this brand new track.

Rumor has it Effy is trying to branch away from the united states and only release music to areas that stream her music the most. But we have the exclusive reason why you might not get a chance to hear the new track:


Toy Soldier could very well be a song cover, without having rights to distribute the song some countries are most likely being excluded.


Either way, it’s coming! Could this be a lead single to an upcoming album!? Who knows!

News// Effy Giraffe Returns To Music OFFICIALLY In 2017

We have been very quiet lately because Effy Giraffe hasn’t revealed any details about anything. Nothing new with In The Life of Effy Giraffe and nothing new in her personal life. Why is this? Effy is reportedly putting the finishing touches on her upcoming reality series releasing this year, but what else is keeping her so busy? Well we have new details on what that might be…. A NEW ALBUM.

That’s right. Effy Giraffe will be returning to music in 2017 according to her old BandCamp website. A fan stumbled upon the site a few days ago where a new design is shown:


The last time Effy’s BandCamp account was used was when she released her I Love Charles Manson Single in 2014. It has since been updated promoting something called Forbidden Me. We didn’t want to jump to any conclusions  so we decided to investigate the site further, and get this. BandCamp is exclusively offering a pre-order for the ALBUMS! Yes, ALBUMS!!

Effy will be releasing two versions of Forbidden Me. A standard version and a deluxe version. Here is the details:

Forbidden Me: Standard Edition ($9.99)

Forbidden Me will be Effy’s big return to music. The album took two years in the making and will officially be rolling out April 12, 2017 (release date subject to change). The standard edition will consist of 9 tracks (7 original and 2 covers!) Take a look at the tracklist so far:

01. Show Me
02. Moving On
03. Billionaire (Made of Money II)
04. What Do You Want?
05. FALLINLOVE2NIGHT (ft. The Moment)
06. TBA
07. In The Air Tonight
08. TBA
09. TBA

The album introduces a sound that Effy has never produced previously. It’s a mixture of the pop/dubstep you’ve all grown to love, but with all new vocal effects that’ll leave you speechless. Effy is back and stronger than ever!!

Forbidden Me: Deluxe Edition ($14.99)

The deluxe edition will feature 6 more songs vs. the standard edition, none of them have been revealed or complete quite yet:

01. Show Me
02. Moving On
03. Billionaire (Made of Money II)
04. What Do You Want?
05. FALLINLOVE2NIGHT (ft. The Moment)
06. TBA
07. In The Air Tonight
08. TBA
09. TBA
10. TBA
11. TBA
12. TBA
13. TBA
14. TBA
15. TBA

This deluxe editions seems to be limited. Only 1,000 copies are available and can only be purchased on BandCamp. It’s unknown as of yet if both versions will be streamable. We reached out to Effy but she hasn’t answered quite yet.

This is certainly interesting! According to the tracklist there will be a sequel to Made of Money titled Billionaire. This would be an interesting move, considering Made of Money was a trending song from her EFFY era. Will Billionaire be a rap song? It doesn’t seem like it will be.

In our opinion they should have made a sequel to a more popular track — I Love Charles Manson for example?